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Building tools on top of existing frameworks to deal with the complexity of virtual research management.

Research Communication

  • Requirements collection
  • Evaluation of ELN and LIMS
  • Introducing data and document management
  • CRO – client project and research communication
  • Capturing and sharing of research data
  • Templating forms
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Optimizing workflows to maximize productivity while keeping your employees engaged.

Process Improvement

  • Analysis and articulation of laboratory information workflow
  • Waste reduction (material and effort)
  • Performance metrics
  • Shortening of turnaround times (reports, analysis and work)
  • Staff (re-) allocation planning
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Successfully executing pre-clinical research projects with proven expertise.

Project Management

  • Tools and methodology development
  • Introducing principles & systems for project management in scientific research laboratories
  • Program management office framework development
  • Project and program health check
  • Managing outcome, end dates and budget
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Independent view on information management and data communication systems.

Research and Analysis

  • Business case development
  • Technology and capabilities assessment
  • Assessing resource saving opportunities
  • Operations improvement planning
  • Best practice research and benchmarking
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Harvesting raw data and making instrument data and databases compatible.

Data Management

  • Requirements assessment
  • Integrating instrument data
  • Providing data translation and re-formatting tools
  • Software tool selection
  • Software development
  • Implementation support
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Building a network of research services suppliers and stimulating organizational change.

Outsourcing Strategy

  • Assessing outsourcing needs
  • Identifying outsourcing partners
  • Integration of CRO/CMOs into in-house research efforts
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
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We specialize in the following areas:

Virtual Research Collaboration

Life Science & Drug Discovery

Custom Software Solutions

BIO DATA BRIDGES delivers results and saves you time through intelligent application of tailored research data systems that are constructed by experienced professionals.


Lab Data Management Health Check™

What it is:

A two hour, systematic and diagnostic assessment via phone with Bio Data Bridges business and technical directors.


Identifying key areas to improve your organization’s scientific data management.

What you get:

  • Brief report with our Lab Data Management Health Map™

  • Initial findings; articulating a business issue, if applicable

  • Initial ideas and recommendation for required follow-on activities

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