Our Team

Peter Nollert, Ph.D.

Business Director

I’m a life science and information systems consultant. Like my partner at Bio Data Bridges, I enjoy working with great scientists and information experts to facilitate change in organizational data handling. Together we focus on delivering agile information technology solutions that fit the future stars of the drug discovery industry.

Since starting Bio Data Bridges in 2014, I’ve been involved in facilitating the new field of virtualized research management. Prior to founding Bio Data Bridges, I lead the membrane protein science practice area at Beryllium, a structural biology contract research organization. Within a team of researchers we succeed in tackling difficult scientific challenges through collaboration with the best scientific minds in the world. From this CRO-perspective I collaborated with clients to successfully guide lead discovery efforts that focus on membrane protein targets.

Mark and I have engineered real-life information systems and laboratory automation that are delivering business value to this very day. I hold five U.S. patents, have published more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and have obtained several grants funded by the NIH, for membrane protein crystallization and imaging technology development. My academic and scientific background is rooted in structural biology and membrane protein science. I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

My scientific expertise is in the field of structural biology and membrane protein science. I have invented and developed new technologies for membrane protein crystallization that have been productized and as such contributed to several membrane protein structure determination breakthroughs. My academic research has indirectly impacted two Nobel Prize awards. I live on Bainbridge Island, WA, am married to a wonderful woman, and have one son. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest by foot and kayak.

Mark Mixon, Ph.D.

Technical Director

Peter and I started Bio Data Bridges in order to focus on developing software solutions for data management problems in the biotech industry. We believe that simple, directed solutions in the right places can grease the wheels of innovation and relieve the burden of managing the day-to-day data avalanche that is part of the modern work place, especially the modern biotech work place.

I design and code software for almost every aspect of modern biology, including enterprise informatics, operational support systems, liquid handling robots, and web database applications. I have always enjoyed coding, and I originally began developing software solutions to speed the process of research for my own lab-work.

I started as a lab technician in cell biology at the University of Virginia. I moved on to pursue my doctoral research in molecular biophysics at the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas, where I focused on x-ray crystallography of Heterotrimeric G-proteins. From there I moved to Boston and conducted post-doctoral research on the HIV gp160 transmembrane protein at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Just prior to starting Bio Data Bridges, I was a software developer and manager of software development with Beryllium. I joined the company when it was known as Emerald BioStructures and Emerald BioSystems, shortly after the company was founded. I continued to contribute through all the stages of the company’s evolution from a small shop with a dozen employees to a bi-coastal enterprise.

At Beryllium, I faced the same software integration issues that confront every startup and mid-stage biotech company. I assumed many different roles, including software developer, software architect, crystallographer, and project manager. I worked on a co-development project to build a gene informatics tool with a large Pharma company. I also managed overseas, outsourced software product development projects in India and Europe, some of which were recently acquired from Beryllium by other companies.

Throughout my time with Beryllium, I enjoyed working for a high-energy, growing high tech company. But most of all, I enjoyed working with the scientists, project managers, and IT staff to build innovative software solutions to meet the biotech industry’s ever-evolving business challenges.

Oriana von Specht, M.S.


I make sure that the Bio Data Bridges’ back office is running smoothly. Do let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

Prior to working with Bio Data Bridges in 2014, I have started, operated and sold virtual businesses with a focus on outsourced execution. I’m interested in developing new business ventures and in communicating their value. I have enjoyed working with professionals in the biotech and pharma industry as a Copywriter and Account Manager at Publicis in Frankfurt, Germany and, more recently at PJA in San Francisco, CA. Deep in my heart I’m a biologist. My academic background is in molecular genetics, with a Masters of Science that I received from the University of Tuebingen in Germany. Bridging the language barrier between life scientists and the creative folks is my thing, and facilitating the successful completion of business-to-business projects is what I’m in for. I enjoy photography, traveling with my family and exploring the wild outdoors.

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