Our Clientel

We work with executive management, information technology professionals and research managers in the life science and drug discovery industry to make changes to your organization. Our clients want to leverage virtual research collaboration and information technology to focus on execution.

Biotechnology Firms

  • Start-up and niche biotechnology companies
  • Virtual biotech ventures
  • Emerging biopharmaceutical companies
  • Biologics and target focus
  • Drug discovery platforms

Contract Research Organizations

  • Pre-clinical life science service providers
  • Drug discovery support organizations
  • Providing analytical testing, biological and biophysical characterization services
  • Compound (library) screening service providers
  • Biological reagent suppliers

Life Science Research

  • Academic research institutes
  • Core and service laboratories
  • Non-profit research institutions
  • Foundation and government funded organizations
  • Basic and applied research efforts

Pharma Companies

  • Specialty and niche pharma
  • Big pharma
  • Virtual drug discovery teams and departments
  • Globally active drug discovery teams
  • Focus on outsourcing and contracting research

Lab Data Management Health Check™

What it is:

A two hour, systematic and diagnostic assessment via phone with Bio Data Bridges business and technical directors.


Identifying key areas to improve your organization’s scientific data management.

What you get:

  • Brief report with our Lab Data Management Health Map™

  • Initial findings; articulating a business issue, if applicable

  • Initial ideas and recommendation for required follow-on activities

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