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Web resources, tools and templates to help you grow in today’s networked research ecosystem. This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Let us know how we can support your researchers in managing projects, improving internal processes and establishing efficient communication systems.

CRO Evaluator™

  • For objective selection of Contract Research Organizations​
  • Guides in articulating requirements​
  • Systematic, quantitative evaluation criteria​
  • Graphical comparison and provider ranking​
  • Assure team and management buy-in​
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Web Resources

  • News for Contract Research Organizations​
  • Industry publications and studies​
  • Finding CRO partners​
  • Sponsors and Providers
  • Industry conferences
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Project Management Resources

  • Project Management Institute
  • Project Management in Biotech and Pharma
  • Tools and Systems
  • Best Practices
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Lab Data Management Health Check™

What it is:

A two hour, systematic and diagnostic assessment via phone with Bio Data Bridges business and technical directors.


Identifying key areas to improve your organization’s scientific data management.

What you get:

  • Brief report with our Lab Data Management Health Map™

  • Initial findings; articulating a business issue, if applicable

  • Initial ideas and recommendation for required follow-on activities

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