Project Management Resources


Project Management in the life sciences differs from that in engineering. Life science research projects require substantial amounts of flexibility and often carry with them a high level of uncertainty. How do you ensure that life science research projects deliver the desired results while being executed on time and on budget?

The Project Management Institute (PMI)

Project management standards and certification

a no-for-profit professional membership association for project management professionals. The PMI provides standards for good practices, the PMP (project management professional) credential that certifies project management expertise and resources for professional development.


The University of Washington

Professional and continuing educations program

A professional and continuing educations program that offers a Certificate in Biotechnology Project Management in partnership with UC San Diego extension. The program helps professionals gain skills to manage a project through all phases of biotechnology and drug product development.



Science Careers

Project Management for Scientists

A two part series of articles by Meenakshi Kashyap in SCIENCE on Project Management for Scientists and career advice.

Part 1
Part 2