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We help your life science research organization flourish in today’s networked research ecosystem. We support your researchers in managing projects, improving internal processes and establishing communication systems that protect your assets while allowing interaction with collaborators. We deliver results and save time through intelligent application of customized research data systems. This way you can focus your efforts on execution.

Research Communication

  • CRO – client project and research communication
  • Capturing and sharing of research data
  • Templating forms
  • Evaluation of ELN and LIMS
  • Introducing data and document management
  • Requirements collection
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Process Improvement

  • Analysis and articulation of laboratory information workflow
  • Waste reduction (material and effort)
  • Performance metrics
  • Shortening of turnaround times (reports, analysis and work)
  • Staff (re-) allocation planning
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Project Management

  • Tools and methodology development
  • Introducing principles & systems for project management in scientific research laboratories
  • Program management office framework development
  • Project and program health check
  • Managing outcome, end dates and budget
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Research and Analysis

  • Business case development
  • Technology and capabilities assessment
  • Assessing resource saving opportunities
  • Operations improvement planning
  • Best practice research and benchmarking
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Data Management

  • Requirements assessment
  • Integrating instrument data
  • Providing data translation and re-formatting tools
  • Software tool selection
  • Software development
  • Implementation support
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Outsourcing Strategy

  • Assessing outsourcing needs
  • Identifying outsourcing partners
  • Integration of CRO/CMOs into in-house research efforts
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
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